These New 'Scream Queens' Opening Credits Are Hilariously Terrifying!

by Leanne Aguilera 12:00 PM PDT, September 02, 2015
Photo: FOX

Don’t close your eyes, Kappa pledges…

We've already named Scream Queens as one of the best new fall shows, and now our adoration for the horror series has tripled, thanks to the release of the Fox thrilledy's opening credits.

Executive producer Ryan Murphy tweeted out the "super-sized" main title sequence on Wednesday morning, and we've already watched it more times than we can count!

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Photo: FOX

Paired with an ominous, yet insanely catchy song (anyone know who sings it?!), the Scream Queens credits are both visually stunning and darkly unsettling.

The Red Devil -- aka the unknown mass murderer of Wallace University -- is seen looming behind the star-studded cast while finding different ways to evoke their glass-shattering screams.

But our favorite part of the one minute and 41 second-length video? That would definitely be when we got a glimpse of Lea Michele's character Hester transform from a neck brace-wearing nerd into a glamorous Kappa queen. Better watch out, Chanel (Emma Roberts), looks like someone could be coming after your crown!

Scream Queens airs Tuesday, Sept. 22 at 9 p.m. ET/PT with a special two-hour premiere on Fox!