People Won't Stop Commenting 'Miley, What's Good?' on Miley Cyrus' Instagram Pics

by John Boone 1:24 PM PDT, September 02, 2015
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It was the drag heard round the world.

During Sunday night’s MTV VMAS, Nicki Minaj confronted Miley Cyrus onstage over some not very polite comments Miley made in the press about Nicki being “not very polite.” We did not see it coming. It’s safe to say neither did Miley.

It’s also probably safe to say we got more enjoyment out of it than she did.

WATCH: Miley’s Reaction When Nicki Minaj Called Her Out at the VMAs

Now Nicki’s soundbite -- “Miley, what’s good?” -- has gone viral. By viral, we mean that it's completely infected Miley’s Instagram with no signs of letting up.

Photo: Instagram

Click on any of Miley’s pics and you’ll see endless “What’s good?” comments.

Photo: Instagram

One in particular has been especially “Miley, what’s good?”-ed. Miley’s return to the scene of the dragging. (This photo was taken moments after Nicki told her ass.)

A photo posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

Of the 11,000 or so comments on the picture, we have to assume that 99 percent of them just say some form of “MILEY, WHAT’S GOOD?”

Photo: Instagram

Honestly, you could scroll forever and it’s all you would see. It’s remarkable.

Photo: Instagram

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Elsewhere on social media, people are milking the moment for all its meme potential:

But still, we have not heard what is good from Miley.

Now, before Nicki called out Miley, she buried the hatchet with Taylor Swift by welcoming her to the stage. Watch their performance now: