Is Justin Bieber Sending a Message to Selena Gomez in 'What Do You Mean?' Video?

Photo: Instagram
Is Justin Bieber still holding a candle for Selena Gomez?
The Biebs apparently issued a very subtle message to his famous ex in his new music video for "What Do You Mean?" And leave it to those Beliebers to spot the blink-and-you'll-miss-it-moment.

Selena Gomez's name is spray painted on a wall in Justin Bieber's "What Do You Mean" music video.?

— Slytherin Princess♕☆ (@perhapsonedaykc) September 1, 2015
In the skate park scene at the end of the video, the name Selena can almost be seen spray painted among graffiti on the wall (while the words "Hope" and "Love" are featured prominently). See for yourself around 04:00, on the far right side of the frame. Can you spot "Selena"?
ETonline has reached out to Bieber's camp for comment.
This isn't the first time he's publicly called out his ex. At one point in the music video for "Where Are U Now," the phrase "Where R Now Selena" flashed across the screen.
Odds are high that "What Do You Mean?" was inspired by JB's relationship with Gomez. In an interview with On Air With Ryan Seacrestearlier this year, Bieber confessed, "I think a lot of my inspiration comes from [Selena]... It was a long relationship that created heartbreak and created happiness and a lot of different emotions that I wanted to write about. There's a lot of that on this album."
But when Bieber performed the song on the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, Gomez was mysteriously missing from the audience. See Bieber break down sobbing after the performance in the video below.