Ariana and Frankie Grande Binge Watch 'America's Next Top Model' Together!

Ariana Grande and her brother Frankie love America's Next Top Model so much that they convinced their mother to get the "Ty-Ty Chop."
ET sat down with Frankie, 32, and chatted about him and his sister's habit of binge-watching Tyra Banks' reality competition series.
Cycle 22 is no different. "This season is wack-a-doo, crazy," the former Big Brother star told ET. "I love it so much."
This season, contestant Ashley Molina agreed to cut off all her hair, calling it the "Ty-Ty Chop" in honor of Tyra. Frankie and Ariana loved the finished product.
Photo: The CW
"I was like, 'Mommy, you need a Ty-Ty Chop,'" Frankie recalled. "And then we gave her Tyra's haircut."
Ariana's older brother has also taken a tip from contestant Devin Clark.
"Oh, the 'Birds of Paradise'! Devin, on the show, does this in every picture," Frankie said, mimicking the aspiring model's facial expression.
Apparently, it works! "He's top pick every week," Frankie said. "So, I'm gonna start doing it."
Photo: The CW
Maybe we all should!
In addition to being a fan of Top Model, Frankie told ET in an earlier interview that he's loving Justin Bieber's new song "What Do You Mean?" See why Frankie is such a Belieber: