Harry Styles Is an Officer of the Grammar Police and We Like It

Photo: Getty Images
Think Harry Styles can't see those fan signs from the stage? Think again!
The One Direction-er adorably (and thankfully) addressed one fan's grammatically-incorrect sign during a tour stop in Philadelphia on Tuesday, going so far as to grab the sign and edit it with a black marker.
The offense? A sign that read: "Hi Harry your so nice."
...We would have done the same thing, Harry!
A few moments later, the sign read "you're" and all was right with the world again.
But that wasn't the only headline-worthy moment of the night. The boy band decided on a whim to cover The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song, but were forced to stop prematurely. "We didn't think that through... We needed to rehearse it," Niall Horan quipped -- feeling a prime opportunity to poke fun at Kanye West, apparently. "I'm going to be president in 2020!"
Say what you will, Niall, but Kanye already has Rihanna's vote.