Miranda Lambert Posts Heart-Wrenching Instagram Selfie

We're here for you, Miranda Lambert!
The 31-year-old superstar shared a heart-wrenching Instagram selfie on Thursday, lying in the sidewalk in New York City and staring at a message that reads "Protect Yo Heart."
"I don't normally lay on the sidewalk in NYC... Words move me... Words make me move," she captioned the photo.

Lambert's heart appears to be on the mend ever since her shocking and sudden divorce from her husband of four years, Blake Shelton, in July. She's writing new music, touring, hangin' with her BFFs, bonding with Shania Twain, and on Tuesday, she even seemed to poke a little fun at herself with a spot-on performance of Loretta Lynn's "Rated X" at the ACM Honors ceremony. 

"She's a very brave person," Lambert's bestie, Ashley Monroe, told ET this summer, revealing that she's still close with both Lambert and Shelton post-split. "I'm in touch with her every day, and him," Monroe said. "All's well in our world."
See Lambert singin' about divorce -- and having a blast lip syncing "Bad Blood" -- in the video below.