FLASHBACK: Sandra Bullock Was Charming as Ever in 1989

In honor of ET’s 35th anniversary this year, we’re flashing back, taking a look at the first time our favorite stars sat down for an interview.
Before The Blind Side, Miss Congeniality, or even Hope Floats, Sandra Bullock was starring in The Bionic Showdown, a TV movie reboot of The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman.
It was April 1989, but Sandra had the same self-deprecating humor and funny adorable personality we still love today.
"I make a lot of mistakes," the actress joked to ET. "And I'm never embarrassed about it."
Bullock played The Bionic Woman in the reboot, showing off her ass-kicking ability, despite the retro effects.
"I think people can relate to it a lot more because they're bringing the human side," she told ET of the TV movie. "You know, I can fall down a flight of stairs. I can say something stupid... as we've seen on this interview."
But could she pull of the Six Million Dollar Man’s signature slo-mo run?
"I don't know," Bullock laughed. "Can we move some of this stuff out? I'll show ya." ET: Before They Were Famous is available on newsstands and at OnNewsstandsNow.com