Jimmy Fallon Does Trump With Donald Trump in 'Tonight Show' Sketch

Photo: NBC
Jimmy Fallon as Donald Trump -- who wouldn't vote for that?
Not that you have to after Friday, when The Tonight Show host donned a wig and a snazzy Trump-type suit while he interviewed the Republican presidential candidate. The appearance marked Trumps' late-night debut after he announced his campaign in June.
The highlight, though, came before their sit-down, in a hilarious mirror sketch that Fallon perfected during his Saturday Night Live days with the likes of Mick Jagger and Andy Samberg.
During the sketch, Fallon pulled out all the stops -- and all the Trump-isms. In front of a mirror, with the real Trump staring back at him, Fallon played up the 69-year-old's enthusiasm for himself. "The only one qualified to interview me is me," said Fallon, in Donald drag.
The fake Trump and the real Trump went back and forth on a variety of other topics as well: next week's presidential debate ("It's huuuuuuuge," impersonated Fallon-as-Trump), jobs (“I’m just gonna do it,” declared real Trump) and his vow to make the Mexican government build a wall on the American border ("Since I’m a genius," said real Trump, "I’ll let me handle it").
There was also economy talk, to which real Trump responded as you might expect him to: "Look, I’m really rich. I know how to run a business."
The two Trumps saved the best for last, when Fallon wondered if Trump might bring Gary Busey on board as vice president.
“Look, I love Gary. He’s fantastic, more of a Supreme Court justice kinda guy,” Trump replied. “Vice president is a serious job. So I’ll probably go with Kanye West.”
No surprise there! Real Trump recently backed Kanye's bid for presidency in this video below.