8 Questions We Have About Mariah Carey's 'Game of War' Commercial

Photo: TMZ
In “Yeah, sure, why not?” news, Mariah Carey is a video game spokesperson now.
You probably know Game of War: Fire Age from its omnipresent ads starring Kate Upton as some sort of sexy Braveheart. It makes sense: Teenage boys play video games and teenage boys love Kate Upton.
(Teenage girls also play video games, but heaven forbid we get a commercial with like, Channing Tatum or someone.)
Now, the Elusive Chanteuse has taken over the mantle and TMZ debuted her commercial, which has Mariah fighting dragons while her 1993 ballad “Hero” plays in the background.
It’s exactly as insane as it sounds. And we have some questions. Like...
1. Whose idea was this?
Photo: TMZ
No offense, but do teenage boys know who Mariah Carey is? Do any teens?
2. And does Mariah know what Game of War is? Currently? As in, after filming this, does she know what this game is?
Photo: TMZ
Does Mariah even know what Game of Thrones is?
3. How much did she get paid to do this? Does Mariah know that she is worth literal millions and doesn’t need to do stuff like this anymore?
4. And who is this running?
Photo: TMZ
Mariah has not run that fast maybe ever.
5. Seriously, what happened to Kate Upton? She seemed perfect for this.
Photo: YouTube
Were her commercials not festive enough? Not enough "pow" moments?
6. Just...what?
Photo: TMZ
7. How?
Photo: TMZ
8. Why?
Photo: TMZ
Anyway, now get some scoop on Mariah’s upcoming guest spot on Empire: