EXCLUSIVE: Shirtless Chris Hemsworth Shows Off His Abs and Surfs in Dangerous, Shark-Infested Waters

Please don't get bitten by a shark, Chris Hemsworth!
The hunky Aussie decided to hit the surf in the shark-infested waters of Byron Bay in New South Wales, Austrailia on Monday, leaving us all terrified of this international treasure skirting with danger.
Photo: Diimex
A source tells ET that Hemsworth went out to surf for about two hours at midday, when approximately 50 other surfers were about.
The Avengers star did take precautions in using a striped surfboard, which is said to deter sharks. (Striped sea creatures are apparently incredibly venomous and poisonous).
Photo: Diimex
But even with his technical skills, precautionary measures, and Thor abs, we still don't like the idea of the 32-year-old paddling about in waters that have already seen several shark attacks this year! Good grief, Chris! You're giving us major anxiety!
Truth be told, the actor really does seem to know what he's doing. Plus, every time he ventures out, we get a new batch of shirtless pics to enjoy.
Plus, if it happens to come to Jaws vs. abs, Hemsworth has got a seriously hammer-dropping six pack to contend with.
When he's not out showing off his surfing skills, Chris has been busy busting ghosts. Watch Chris transform into a "hot nerd" on the Ghostbusters set below.