Lupita Nyong'o Shows Off Her 'Star Wars' Skills and Hula Hoops in Heels

Photo: Vogue
Lupita Nyong'o isn't just super good at acting.
The Oscar winner put a number of talents on display while answering Vogue's "73 Questions."
Lupita, who plays the CGI pirate Maz Kanta in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, showed off her rather impressive lightsaber skills in the high-fashion magazine's video. She also revealed that if it came down to Luke Skywalker or Han Solo, she'd go with Han. As for her favorite Star Wars movie so far, that'd be The Empire Strikes Back.
The 32-year-old also showcased her rather impressive lightsaber skills.
While the lightsaber action was pretty cool, her hula hoop talents were far more awe-inspiring. Wearing sky-high heels, Lupita manages to hula hoop while also walking and talking.
Photo: Vogue
How does she do it?!
Another quality of Lupita's we know all too well is her ability to completely own a red carpet with her confidence and courageous style statements. Check out one of her more stand-out looks, below: