Brandi Glanville Says She and Eddie Cibrian Have Drastically Different Parenting Philosophies

It's no secret that Brandi Glanville's relationship with ex-husband Eddie Cibrian and his wife, LeAnn Rimes, has been a strained one -- but Glanville tells ETonline it's getting better. 
"It ebbs and flows, you know?" Glanville said. "It's hard. He's gonna be in my life forever. Forever! Ugh... you know, we're raising two little boys together and I think, ultimately, we put them first, and that's it."
Glanville and Cibrian share two sons -- 12-year-old Mason and 8-year-old Jake -- whom Glanville calls "awesome." 
"There's gonna be fights about parenting styles and what not," Glanville continued. "I will scream and yell a little bit, but, you know, at the end of the day, they have a dad that loves them and a stepmom that loves them, and I would die for them. I would do anything for my children, so... they're in good hands."
Those fights Glanville mentioned seem like they mostly start on her side, since she admits she can actually be a pretty strict parent.

"On their time, they're like their little buddies," Glanville said. "On my time, I'm sorry, there's, like, chores and rules and we have to have some sort of structure, because they're not little buddies. They're kids! So, saying 'hell' when you're eight isn't cute. I will smack you!"

More disagreements might be in the future for Glanville and Cibrian. She says they have a new custody arrangement that will keep her boys away from her house for longer periods of time.
"We're on this week on, week off schedule now," Glanville explained. "It's great the week I have them, like I dropped them off at school this morning, and I have no kids this week... it's like, what do I do? It's scary, 'cause I know me ... I do tend to find trouble." 
Glanville's trouble-seeking nature might have been a factor in her dismissal from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Check out the video below to see Glanville set the record straight on her exit from the Bravo show.