Victoria Beckham Leaves Party With a Mysterious Wet Spot on Her Pants -- See What She Said

UPDATE: Victoria Beckham's rep told ET: "This was simply the result of the most unfortunate positioning of a spilt drink, whilst Victoria was sitting down - thankfully it was not a 'dampener' on what was a fantastic night."
Aww, we've all been there, Victoria!
The fashion mogul stepped out of a party at her London boutique on Tuesday night with husband David Beckham, looking pretty tired after what appears to have been a successful night of celebrating, save for one curious wet spot on her pants.
Photo: Splash News
Oof. That's unfortunate. But what could be behind that tragically placed wet spot?
Well, conventional wisdom suggests that it's almost certainly just a spilled drink, as Victoria posted several fun photos from throughout the night, a couple of them with a tasty-looking beverage in hand.
EXHIBIT A: Spill-free Victoria holds a drink in hand.

EXHIBIT B: David and Victoria looking like their usual on-point selves.
The drink evidence might seem circumstantial, but we're prepared to implicate the party itself for creating an atmosphere conducive to spilling. Therefore...
EXHIBIT C: A room with far too many balloons, creating limited visibility and stability.
These problems would only be exacerbated by the presence of alcohol. And finally...
EXHIBIT D: We can apparently place Victoria on the ground at least once during the night.
It's very possible that the balloon room played a part in Victoria's spill, as the former Spice Girl appeared to take a different kind of spill in another Instagram photo, which she captioned, "So much fun last night!"
As it stands, the ruling is inconclusive, but one things for certain: It seems to have been quite the party.

Congrats, Victoria! You slayed.
Watch below.