The Duggars Are Returning to TLC With New Specials Focused on Jessa Seewald & Jill Dillard


The Duggars are returning to TLC.

Several months after the network was forced to cancel 19 Kids and Counting amid Josh Duggar’s molestation scandal, ET can confirm that the family will be returning to TV.

TLC is set to start production on at least two specials, with the first planned to air by the end of the year. According to the Associated Press, one will be focused on 24-year-old Jill Duggar Dillard, her husband Derick, and their son, Israel, as they continue their mission work in El Salvador. Perhaps the show will also address the recent criticism surrounding the family’s mission has been under fire recently as they have been flying home frequently.

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The other special will document Jessa Sewald, Jill’s 22-year-old sister, who is expecting her first child with husband Ben this November.

"We know that our audience is really excited about what's been going on with Jill and Jessa as they move into young adulthood," TLC Executive Vice President and General Manager Nancy Daniels told AP. "Now they're both at the precipice of big changes. With what was happening in their lives in the next few months, it felt like now is the time (for the specials), and we got going pretty quickly."

None of the specials are said to include their 27-year-old brother Josh, who was at the center of the scandal that brought down the show. It was revealed in May that the oldest Duggar sibling molested four underage girls, including both Jessa and Jill, when he was then 15.

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It was also revealed that Josh had two accounts with Ashley Madison, an online dating service for married men that was hacked over the summer. He later apologized to his wife Anna for having a secret addiction to pornography. "I have been the biggest hypocrite ever," Josh wrote on the Duggars' official website. "While espousing faith and family values, I have been unfaithful to my wife."

Josh has since checked into a faith-based rehabilitation facility in Rockford, Illinois and has not been seen in the public eye since.

The family has been slow to forgive Josh in the wake of all the revelations. In September, Jessa took a stand against her brother by sharing a Facebook post written by her father-in-law, Michael Seewald, in which he called Josh a "hypocritical Christian."

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"It is going to take a long time before we forgive," a source told ET. "We are all still hurt. Josh is still in rehab, nobody is warm and fuzzy to him yet. It still feels like he is a stranger."

The two specials follow the Duggar brief return to TLC when Jill and Jessa were both featured in Breaking the Silence, a child sexual abuse special. 

The family has yet to react to the announcement.