Kim Kardashian Reveals Sexy Pregnancy Craving in a NSFW Way

Photo: Getty Images
Many pregnant women have specific food cravings and for Kim Kardashian, she is seriously loving herself some Cheetos.
Also, because it's Kim Kardashian, she made sure to Instagram herself eating them in a way that is just this side of NSFW.

No one has ever enjoyed a single Cheeto as much as Kim did in those first three photos.
And food cravings aren't the only side effect of pregnancy that Kim -- who is seven months along with her second child with husband Kanye West – has been having. She's also been dealing with swollen feet and typical pregnancy weight gain.
However, Kim hasn't been letting swollen feet or her baby bump keep her from rocking some incredible styles while out and about. Check out the video below for a look at the sheer black gown she wore during New York Fashion Week earlier this month.