Watch a Man Lose His 'Judge Judy' Case in Just 26 Seconds

Judge Judy has been on air for 20 seasons -- really! She even set a Guinness World Record for longest-running TV judge! -- and over the years has seen quite a few baloney cases. But maybe none more so than that of Dumb and Dumber.
The clip is actually from a 2010 episode, but only recently went viral -- and has now been viewed over three and a half million times -- because the defendant loses his own case in 26 seconds flat.
A high school student claims her wallet has been stolen, including $50, gift cards, and a few other items. At which point the defendant interrupts to say:
“There was no earpiece there, ma’am.”
It's safe to say Judge Judy is sufficiently delighted in his incriminating himself.
Watch the very, very short case in full, below:
As Judge Judy herself would say, “This one’s as dumb as a bucket of rocks.”
Now, listen to the tear-jerking commencement speech that Judge Judy gave: