'ANTM' Contestant Nyle DiMarco Comes Out as Sexually 'Fluid' on Twitter


America’s Next Top Model contestant Nyle DiMarco is making headlines as he becomes a frontrunner on the long-running reality competition.

The show’s first deaf contestant, who we love for his washboard abs and piercing blue eyes, opened up to his Twitter followers, coming out as “fluid.”

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When asked if he is into “boys or girls,” DiMarco responded with the word and a link to an Everyday Feminism article about fluid sexuality. “For a person to know and accept their sexuality as fluid, they must be self-aware,” Jarune Uwujaren writes in the article, adding: “Because a person may prefer men right now doesn’t mean that will hold true for the rest of their life.”

The tweet comes after an episode featuring DiMarco’s childhood friend, Brittany, who many initially believed to be his ex-girlfriend. While DiMarco hasn’t made any reference to dating men, the tweet did get an (understandably) excited response from gay fans. 

In recent weeks on ANTM, DiMarco has pulled ahead, earning best photo for his shoot with a Siberian Husky.

DiMarco has yet to land in the bottom two. But like he signed to ET, this contestant wants to “be on top.”  

The model recently opened up to ET about the competition and what he thinks his sexiest feature is. Learn more about DiMarco in the video below:

America’s Next Top Model airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on The CW.