Bristol Palin Is Having a Girl -- See Her New Baby Bump Pic!

Bristol Palin's six-year-old son, Tripp Johnston, will soon have a little sister to pester.
Sarah Palin's 24-year-old daughter revealed via Instagram on Tuesday that she is having a baby girl.
The mom-to-be also shared a new pic of her baby bump at seven and a half months. Bristol announced her second pregnancy in June, not long after canceling her wedding with Dakota Meyer.

Bristol's pregnancy pic comes just a few days after a blog post, where she shared her views on birth control.
"I’m not against birth control by ANY MEANS so do not twist my words," she wrote. "I am against the government going between a parent and a child at such a young age. THERE IS A BIG DAMN DIFFERENCE. Ten, 11, 12 year olds don’t know what’s best for them."
Calling out her own situation, Bristol added, "I know I’m the last to talk about birth control. (Two baby daddies right? LOLZ!) But I am expecting a girl and do have a 14-year-old sister."