George Takei Just Burned an Online Hater With the Best Response Ever

by John Boone 12:02 PM PDT, October 15, 2015
Photo: Getty Images

Here are a few things we know to be true about George Takei: He played Sulu on Star Trek. He's never met a meme he doesn’t love. He’s a badass advocate for gay rights.

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And he gives good pun. The last part was especially true when the 78-year-old actor responded to a Facebook hater like this:

Sorry, couldn't help myself. #Trollololollol

Posted by George Takei onTuesday, October 13, 2015

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Is it too on the nose if we tell you that this was our exact reaction?

Anyway, the hater was sufficiently slayed, dead, and then resurrected to beg for Takei’s forgiveness. Maybe you should've thought about that sooner, Wajih Kelly!

George Takei im sorry can we be friends again

Posted by Wajih Kelly onTuesday, October 13, 2015

Honestly, this is just the latest in Takei’s many epic clap backs. Not too long ago, he expertly shaded Donald Trump over the presidential hopeful’s stance on same-sex marriage, saying, "He believes in traditional marriage, despite the fact that he has been married three times. That is not traditional."

Watch that Trump burn now: