Here's What the 'Empire Records' Cast Looks Like 20 Years Later

Every day is Rex Manning Day if you love Empire Records enough.
While Rex Manning Day -- that infamous day when the former pop star visited everyone’s favorite Delaware record store -- is actually celebrated in April, this month marks the film’s 20 year anniversary. Here’s how the cast has changed in the past two decades. (RIP CDs.)
Liv Tyler (Corey)
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Tyler plays Guilty Remnant member Meg Abbott on HBO’s The Leftovers.
Renée Zellweger (Gina)
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Zellweger is currently reprising her titular role in Bridget Jones's Baby.
Ethan Embry (Mark)
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Embry plays Lily Tomlin’s adopted son Coyote on Netflix’s Grace and Frankie.
Robin Tunney (Debra)
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Tunney played FBI agent Teresa Lisbon on The Mentalist for seven seasons.
Johnny Whitworth (A.J.)
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Whitworth plays “Ruggedly Handsome Man” on NBC’s new drama, Blindspot.
Rory Cochrane (Lucas)
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Cochrane appeared opposite Johnny Depp in the mobster biopic, Black Mass.
Anthony LaPaglia (Joe Reaves)
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LaPaglia costarred with Martin Freeman in the BBC film, The Eichmann Show.
Maxwell Caulfield (Rex Manning)
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Caulfield guest starred on an episode of Castle that aired earlier this year.
In other movie anniversary news, Clueless turned 20 this year too! Here’s what the cast thinks of the movie looking back now: