EXCLUSIVE: Farrah Abraham Shows Off Super NSFW Results After Third Breast Augmentation

Farrah Abraham is keeping us all abreast of her surgery developments.
The former Teen Mom star allowed cameras to capture the Oct. 16 surgery before, in the middle, and after the procedure. The 22-year-old says she decided to go under the knife again to deal with the "excruciating agony" from the scar tissue left behind from her previous surgeries.
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Farrah turned to Dr. Stuart Linder for her latest procedure.
"I’m thankful to have the best reconstructive breast surgeon in the Beverly Hills area fix the burning and pain issues that were horrible," Farrah said before undergoing the surgery.
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Farrah was very happy with the results after going from a 650CC implant to an 800CC implant, and the reality star allowed a camera to photograph the results afterward. (WARNING: NSFW)
In just a bra...
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Covered up...
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Fully topless...
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And finally in a dress.
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After her surgery, Farrah tweeted, "Thanks for all the love while I heal #3rdTimesACharm Thanks to @drstuartlinder."
The reality star also tweeted out a picture of her 6-year-old daughter, Sophia, at picture day.
The photos are no surprise from Farrah, who has never been shy about showing her body. In August, the reality star posted a topless photo of herself with a Louis Vutton bag.
This breast augmentation is not the first time Farrah has gotten more surgery to deal with botched procedures. In January, the 24-year-old shared photos of a lip procedure gone terribly wrong, landing her in the ER.
Watch the video below.