The Sexiest Celeb Halloween Costumes of All Time

Halloween is a time to strut your stuff, and whether the look is spooky or sultry, celebs always take their costumes to the next level!
Here’s a look at some of our favorite sexy Halloween looks!
1. Kim Kardashian West
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While she’s super-pregnant for Halloween 2015, the reality star has stripped down for the holiday in the past. In 2012, she rocked a revealing seashell bra and blonde hair for her mermaid costume. Some of Kim’s other sexy costumes have included a risque Red Riding Hood and a fierce Wonder Woman.
2. Paris Hilton
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The heiress has been a staple on the Halloween party scene for years, and skimpy costumes have always been her go-to. Paris’ 2005 lingerie bunny get-up looks like something straight out of Playboy!
3. Mariah Carey
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In 2003, MiMi flaunted her toned abs and legs in this sultry mermaid costume.
4. Miley Cyrus
Just a few months after shocking the world at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards with her Robin Thicke twerk-off, the daring singer suited up as another risk-taking diva: rapper Lil’ Kim. Maybe that’s where Miley got her love of pasties?
5. Christina Aguilera
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The singer went with a Halloween staple -- sexy nurse -- in this pic with then-husband Jordan Bratman in 2005.
6. Heidi Klum
The undisputed Queen of Halloween, Klum loves the holiday and goes all-out every year with her lavish costumes.
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"I love it when I'm not recognizable anymore," the 42-year-old model told ET earlier this month. "I love the whole art process of it all. I'm just not a big fan of doing the sexy nurse, or police officer, to me these costumes are kind of fun, but to me I don't want to be recognizable anymore."
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