Anna Duggar Resurfaces During Night Out With Cousin Amy King

Anna Duggar looked well during a rare public appearance on Friday. Anna's cousin, Amy King, snapped the candid photo of the two, and posted it to Instagram. writing, "Any negative comments will be deleted, just try me. She's beautiful!"

ET spoke to Amy about the event she and Anna attended for the conservative family planning organization, Loving Choices, which provides women's health services, excepting abortion, and contraceptives.
"Anna and I go to this fundraiser ever year, a lot of the family does," said Amy. "We love babies and just love this event. Aunt Michelle was there, Jessa and Ben were there, my mom, Dillon, a lot of the family was there. The event raised over $300,000."
Amy also spoke about what the event means to Anna, saying, "I think the picture I posted shows how strong Anna truly is, she's smiling, and has a lot of love around her."
"She was talking to people at the event, having so much fun," Amy continued. " And she looked so pretty.”

Meanwhile, Anna has been keeping a low profile recently, while her husband, Josh Duggar, reportedly remains in treatment after admitting earlier this year to both infidelity against his wife, and molestation of five young girls as a teenager.
According to InTouch Weekly, Jim Bob Duggar has been pressuring Anna to stay with Josh, despite everything that has happened. A source in the Duggar family tells ET these reports are the first they have heard of that, adding that, "Anna is strong and will continue to follow the Lord."
In September, a source close to the Duggar family shared that Josh has "no remorse" for what he's done, saying, "He is not the person everyone thought they knew."
Watch the video below.