Miley Cyrus Adopts a New Puppy and It's Absolutely Adorable

We can't stop falling in love with Miley Cyrus' new baby pitbull!
The Bangerz singer posted photos of her new puppy friend, named Milky, writing, "Meet my newest family member ❤️ #Milky #adoptdontshop #peaceforpits."

"Baby Milky," the 23-year-old captioned another adorable pic of the dog.
And the sleepy little pup appears to be getting along just fine with Miley's other pets.
LiLo's still figuring out how to feel, but we'll get there.
Milky seems to share Miley's vibes.
The pictures just seem to keep coming.
And honestly, we couldn't be more OK with that.
Of course, Miley did have to go a little Miley with it at some point...
Welcome to the family, Milky! Enjoy your new home.
Meanwhile, Miley just added two new December dates to her Dead Petz tour, in Los Angeles, and Vancouver.

Miley's pets have a way of making us all insanely jealous. Watch this video below to get reacquainted with her adorable pet pig.