Adele Says Drunk Tweeting Got Her in Trouble With Management

We’ve all sent a tweet or two that we wish we could take back, but when you’re a multi-platinum recording artist, sometimes your management decides to save you from yourself.
That’s what happened to Adele anyway.
The 27-year-old singer opens up about her history of drunk tweeting on the upcoming Graham Norton-hosted TV special Adele at the BBC.
"I mean I'm not a drinker any more, but when Twitter first came out I was, like, drunk tweeting, and nearly put my foot in it quite a few times,” the singer admits to Norton in a preview clip from the special, which airs Nov. 20 on BBC One.
The special, which features the singer’s first live performance of her new hit single “Hello,” also includes an interview segment in which Adele opened up about how her reps cracked down on her sloppy social media posts.
"So my management decided that you have to go through two people and then it has to be signed off by someone, but they're all my tweets,” she adds. “No one writes my tweets. They just post them for me. So, yeah, that's very, very true."