EXCLUSIVE: Gloria Estefan Was 'Hardly Holding It Together' on Premiere of Musical
Reviews for On Your Feet! The Story of Emilio and Gloria Estefan are through the roof, and no one got closer to Gloria on opening night than ET.
"I'm very excited," Gloria told ET before the musical's Broadway debut. "I think that if I was the one who was going to be on stage, it would be a different story, because I've been there. But it's just so beautiful. They're ready."
Ana Villafane and Josh Segarra play Gloria and Emilio, respectively, in the play, which chronicles the GRAMMY-winning couple's life together and how Gloria got on her feet following the tragic tour bus accident that nearly ended her life in 1990.
Earlier this year, Gloria recounted the scary incident for ET, explaining that it was the "power of prayer" that got her through the dark time.
"I felt like I was plugged into the wall," the 58-year-old singer said. "I could feel people's energy from all religions and people praying on their knees in the hospital for two weeks -- they wouldn't move and I felt that. I used it."
Before the curtain went up for Thursday's show, Gloria met with the cast for a pep talk to pump up the cast.
"I'm hardly holding it together, so break a leg!" Gloria told the actors at the Marquis Theater on Thursday.
Diane Sawyer, Susan Lucci and Lance Bass were among those in the audience blown away by the knockout performances.
"I just hope that people got to see a really fun story that means a lot to us and hopefully means a lot to them," Josh said.
"I've never been on a Broadway stage until this moment, so it's very special," Ana said.