Kylie Jenner Gets New Tattoo, Then Inks a Tattoo Artist!

Kylie Jenner got some fresh ink on Monday, and in the process got to play tattoo artist herself.
The 18-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians startook a trip to New York City, and met up with famous tattoo artist, Bang Bang.
Jenner detailed her experience on Snapchat, posting a short video of herself getting worked on, as well as a far-away shot of her new body art.

Jenner has yet to reveal a clear shot of her new tattoo, but appears to be a line of small text.
The youngest Jenner sister did get to return the favor with the opportunity to practice her inking skills on Bang Bang's leg. She inked him with a small crown over the letter 'k'.
It turns out Jenner might actually have a knack for the art. At one point, Bang Bang even compliments the reality star on her steady hands.
After the job was done, Bang Bang got Jenner to pose for an Instagram pic, which he captioned: "My newest victim."

This is just the latest body art for Jenner. In August, she got a super small, almost-unnoticeable tattoo of a heart on her arm. Check out the tiny tat.