Adele Auditions To Play an Adele Impersonator in Hilarious Prank

How would Adele do if she was auditioning to be an Adele impersonator?
In a prank that would even impress Ashton Kutcher, the “Hello” singer hung out with a group of impersonators and auditioned to play the easiest character ever, herself.
Armed with a fake nose and chin, the singer went undercover as Jenny the nanny.
Of course, Adele already has an Oscar, but after watching her impressive skills as fooled all the other Adele impersonators, we’re ready to give her one for acting!
When she stepped on stage she caused her fellow impersonators to cringe as she appeared to be so scared that she missed her music cue.
But as soon as she started singing, the group knew that voice could only come from the real Adele. Naturally, they were all immediately brought to tears by her angelic singing.
Adele is so good she can even bring herself to tears! Check out other celebrities who couldn’t help but get the feels when they heard her first sing off 25, “Hello.”