Chris and Liam Hemsworth Are Engaged in an Epic Instagram War (and It's Pretty Adorable)

Getty Images
Forget the War on Christmas! There’s a Hemsworth brothers' Instagram war!
Sexiest Man Alive Chris Hemsworth and younger bro Liam Hemsworth (who is also one of the sexiest men alive, in our humble opinion) are currently engaged in a social media battle. It started six weeks ago, when Liam posted a picture of his dog and her new “favorite chew toy.”

(That’s Chris’s Thor action figure, if you couldn’t tell.)
One Instagram post does not an Instawar make, but Chris finally retaliated last week, mutilating Liam’s Men’s Health cover from this…
Men's Health
To this.
Honestly, Liam still doesn’t look bad with a unibrow.
Now, Liam has fired back. The Hunger Games star gave a similar makeover to Chris’s Vanity Fair cover, taking this gorgeous base…
Vanity Fair
And adding a unibrow, curly hair, and what appear to be devil eyes.

So, who’s the winner? We are. And we hope Chris is prepping his next attack.
Now, find out how Chris transformed his body for In the Heart of the Sea: