Michelle Obama Just Dropped a Fire Rap Video About Going to College

You think if Donald Trump is elected president that Melania is going to make rap videos for us?! Not a chance, people!
Thankfully, our current first lady, Michelle Obama, did drop a fire track today. It’s a collabo with College Humor and Jay Pharoah (aka Saturday Night Live's resident Barack Obama impersonator) encouraging kids to go to college, but, honestly, just watch it. It’s dope.
We’re not sure what the best part is, how committed she is to her flow:
Or when she raps next to an ADORABLE photo of her college graduation:
Naturally, the FLOTUS can’t spit rhymes without inspiring a meme, and that meme in this case is #FlotusBars, which has Mrs. Obama freestyling lyrics to popular rap tracks:
Give us the mixtape, Michelle!
Anyway, now find out how Hollywood has turned against Donald Trump: