YouTube Star GloZell Green Gushes Over Pregnancy News, Can't Believe She's Going to Be a Mom


YouTube star GloZell Green is expecting.

“Yes, I have a baby on the way!” the 43-year-old gushed to ETonline at the premiere of fellow YouTuber Tyler Oakley’s documentary, Snervous, on Thursday night.

Green and her husband of two years, Kevin Simon, will welcome a little baby next summer via a surrogate, Shawna Johnson. Green and Simon opted to go with a surrogate after the YouTuber was diagnosed with endometriosis. The couple has been trying to have a child since getting married, but doctors told Green she wouldn’t be able to have kids on her own.

“I mean, I thought I was healthy … well, my eggs were a little powdered,” Green joked.

“It will be more of a relief when baby is here,” Green said. “Little 'Zel-Zel, or whatever I'm gonna name it. But, it's very exciting. Crazy! I'm gonna be a momma … What is happening in the universe?!”

Green is documenting what she calls her “fertility journey” on a new web series, Glo All In, and says the fan reaction so far has been incredible.

“It's been a great response from women reaching out to me with the same problem,” Green shared. “Some people are older, and some people are younger, which was surprising, 'cause I just started trying. So, it's bringing a lot of people together, and having a lot of discussions about fertility. Freeze your eggs! Get it frozen early, OK?”

Green says she’s not prepared for the baby just yet, but she has until August to get ready.

“I'm gonna need a whole lot of help!” Glozell admitted. “So, I'm gonna read some books or something. All I know is, if it's a girl, it's gonna have green lipstick. And I hear that babies gotta eat every day, all the time ... so I have to learn some more stuff. But I'm excited.”
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