These Parents Owned Christmas With Their Elf On The Shelf Ideas

by Elizabeth VanMetre 12:25 PM PST, December 25, 2015
Playing These Parents Owned Christmas With Their Elf On The Shelf Ideas

The Elf on the Shelf is definitely creating quite a bit of mischief this holiday season.

The scout elf sent from the North Pole has become an annual tradition for kids, but that doesn’t mean parents can’t have a little fun too! Check out what some moms and dads have done to completely own Christmas this year with their creativity via Santa’s little helper.

May the Force be with you!

Kid found the elf this morning being forced to join the dark side. #elfontheshelf #starwars

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Looks like he decided to go elf himself.

Go Elf yourself thought Eddy. So he did! #elfontheshelf

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We’re not saying the elf and Spider-man are the same person, but have you ever seen them in the same room together?

Sometimes an elf just needs to unwind!

Brilliant! #elfontheshelf

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He came in like a jingle ball!

Day 2 Year 1 #elfonashelf #momofboys #elfontheshelf #christmasspirit #hesnotmileycyrus

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This elf messed with the wrong ice queen.

Now this is just adorable!

Ready for Day 3 #elfontheshelf #minions #buddy #Pinterestrocks

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Someone better clean their room or elf might tell Santa.

Looks like Adele should blame the elf for not being able to get through when she called.

Being a scout elf appears to be exhausting.

Celebrities parents have joined in on the fun as well! Check out these hilarious posts below.

Our friend is back.

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And so it begins... #MilesLachey

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Just "dropping" in for a visit #elfontheshelf

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