Taylor Swift's Childhood Friend Shares the Most Adorably Awkward #TBT Ever!

Photo: Twitter
The "Blank Space" singer's childhood friend Dan Hauk shared a super cute Throwback Thursday photo of Swift and himself in their pre-teen days while starring in a 2001 community theatre production of Bye Bye Birdie.
"If I get enough RT, you think @taylorswift13 will help me recreate this pic of us as Kim McAfee & Hugo Peabody? #tbt," Hauk captioned the adorkable photo of the young actors uncomfortably posing together.
Everything, from Swift's floral print dress, to Hauk's blue argyle sweater vest, to the way that they look like they absolutely do not want to be standing that close reminds us of how painfully, wonderfully, hilariously awkward being a little kid really was.
Swift, who has not yet responded to the post, also recently shared a sweet throwback pic for her 26th birthday last Sunday.
"Today I begin my 26th year of freaking out over stuff," Swift captioned a heartwarming photo of herself as a little girl (and wearing the most amazing Little Mermaid sweatshirt that has ever existed).
For more on Swift's epic 26th birthday #tbt, and her release date announcement for The 1989 World Tour LIVE concert film, check out the video below.