Kim Kardashian Shares Throwback Pics of Her as Princess Leia -- and Check Out Kanye West as a Stormtrooper!

The Force has even awakened Kim Kardashian.
The mother-of-two is celebrating the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens with a few flashback pics from a project she did with her now husband, Kanye West.
"We worked together on a pilot for a show called Alligator Boots back in 2008 and I played Princess Leia," she explained on her website and mobile app. "We had met before this project (back in 2003), but I would say this is when we first really connected. These pics are SO funny!"

At the time, the two were both in relationships with other people, with Kim dating NFL pro Reggie Bush.
Alligator Boots was a variety show created by Kanye and hip-hop artist Rhymefest. Sadly, it never went to air, but the failed, NSFW TV pilot did manage to make it to YouTube.
Star Wars: The Force Awakens has created quite the craze in Hollywood and beyond. At the film's Los Angeles premiere on Monday, several stars were rocking Princess Leia's famous hairstyle -- not to mention Joseph Gordon-Levitt's DIY Yoda costume. Check out the fun red carpet: