Miss Colombia's Response to Awkward Miss Universe Mistake Is Perfect and Gracious

Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez, is the epitome of grace, dignity and humility.
"Everything happens for a reason," a tearful Gutierrez said in a video posted to Twitter by the Miss Universe pageant.
After being incorrectly crowned the new Miss Universe on Sunday -- an honor that was soon given to the actual winner, Miss Philippines, in one of the most awkward live TV moments of all time -- the 21-year-old pageant star kept her head held high.
"I'm happy! I'm happy for all what I did to [reach] this dream," Gutierrez said. "Thank you all, thank you for voting for me."
Miss Colombia's emotional words were soon drowned out by a chorus of her friends and fellow contests yelling, "We love you!"
Being gracious in the face of defeat is one thing, but being this gracious after being led to believe that you're the new Miss Universe and having the crown pulled off your head in front of millions of viewers? That's another level of grace and class all together.
For more on Miss Universe host Steve Harvey’s embarrassing mistake, check out the video below.