All the Things That Allegedly 'Broke the Internet' in 2015

In late 2014, Kim Kardashian's PAPER magazine cover proposed that the Internet, in spite of all its technologically mind-blowing glory, was something that could actually be broken by one gargantuan media phenomenon. So of course, this year, we all ran with that idea and declared left and right that, once again, our beloved online world had broken -- and broken hard.
We are all guilty. Here are 17 things that apparently reduced the Internet to a destitute, broken mess in 2015.
1. The Dress
Photo: Tumblr
Two words: Never again. Not blue, black. Not white, gold. Never. Again.
2. Pizza Rat
This poor little guy didn't break the Internet. He probably didn't even break bread.
3. Beyonce Always on Beat
As if we needed a reminder that Beyonce is flawless.
4. Zayn Malik Leaving One Direction
Did this break our hearts? Absolutely. But the Internet was fine.
5. Ariana Grande Licking Donuts
The "Problem" singer learned that you just can't bad-mouth America and call out one of our most treasured sugary treats all at once. You just can't do it.
6. Hotline Bling
Drake just gets us. And we just get Drake. Bonus points for this ridiculous dance basically becoming a second version of "Beyonce Always on Beat."
7. Adele’s Return!
Adele proved that she can still emotionally shatter us from the other side of 25, with record breaking video views and all of the tears in our bodies.
8. Rachel Dolezal
Photo: Facebook
After Rachel Dolezal served as our most recent reminder that honesty tends to be the best policy, what's left of her legacy now seems to be one of the year's most unfortunate Halloween costumes.
9. Caitlyn Jenner’s Debut
Photo: Vanity Fair
It's almost baffling to think of how little time has passed since this groundbreaking cover. It feels like we've known Caitlyn for ages!
Ugh. Just ugh.
11. Poot Lovato
Photo: Tumblr
Is this bullying? Maybe we just don't think too hard about it. In any case, Demi Lovato is amazing, and the Internet was clearly still standing when her invented twin sister made the rounds.
12. Left Shark
Forever in our hearts.
13. “Sure Jan” Meme
This broke the Internet? Sure, Jan.
14. “Miley, what’s good?”

OK, we felt this one. We all felt it.
"Hey, we're all in this industry," Miley Cyrus responded. "We all do interviews and we all know how they manipulate s**t. Nicki, congratu-f***in'-lations."
It was like, we didn't want to be there. But we couldn't look away.
Dude Butts: John Legend, Justin Bieber, John Stamos
(Here are the NSFW man buns)
Battle of the Buns.
16. Kanye for President
We didn't get SWISH, but we did get this. When are we going to just get this man to HOST an awards show already??
Now, THAT might break the Internet.
17. Steve Harvey
Alright, this might have finally done it. JUST TOO UNCOMFORTABLE.
From the moment... to how long it was drawn out... to the original apology tweet in which Steve managed to misspell both countries.
Coming right at the tail end of the year, we, and yes, the Internet were simply not equipped to handle something like this.
We're so sorry, Miss Colombia. Way to handle it like a total pro.
This ends TODAY.
Here's to making 2016 the year of the unbroken Internet.
Unless something, like, really, really crazy happens.
One thing that's definitely unbreakable is friendship. Watch below to see all the celebs who made us want to be their best friends in 2015.