EXCLUSIVE: Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro & More 'Joy' Stars Draw Inventions

by Raphael Chestang 12:42 PM PST, December 21, 2015
Photo: David M. Benett/Dave Benett/WireImage

Since inventor Joy Mangano provided the inspiration for the upcoming film, Joy, ET got Mangano and the movie's cast to give us sketches of inventions they wish existed.

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Jennifer Lawrence

Photo: ET

The Oscar winner came up with a cabinet that also washes dishes. "So you never have to put dishes away," she told ET.

Joy Mangano

Photo: ET

The inventor thought of a special $1 million bill. "It doesn't exist!" she said.

Edgar Ramirez

Photo: ET

The actor drew up a cell phone battery that lasts 24/7. "It's very important," Ramirez noted. "I always forget to charge it, so I'm always struggling with the battery."

Robert De Niro

Photo: ET

"This is a bad rendition of a bike with a bike seat on it for children," the two-time Oscar winner shared. His idea could come in handy for his own children and grandchildren.

Virginia Madsen

Photo: ET

"Mine is a flying car!" the actress said.

Isabella Rossellini

Photo: ET

The Italian actress envisioned a ring that translates for animals. "It's a magic ring that you'll put on and you'll understand what birds and dogs say," she explained.

Diane Ladd

Photo: ET

"It's a door and it's to a cabinet in places on the street so that humanity can donate a dollar and go in and get a 20-minute massage, so that we're all not so tense," the actress said. "And the government will pay for it."

Elisabeth Rohm

Photo: ET

"It's my personal invention," said the actress after drawing herself resting by a decorated Christmas tree.

Dascha Polanco

Photo: ET

"I invented a positive-negative time machine, so if you want something positive, you go back and relive it as many times as you want," the Orange Is the New Black star offered. "The negative is for if something doesn't go right, you can go back and change them."

Melissa Rivers

Photo: ET

"These are glasses to give to teenagers that have eyes on them, so you can't see their eyes rolling when you talk to them," she said. "My son is now 15 and I get a lot of eye rolls."