17 of Kim Kardashian's Best Kimojis, Ranked From Actually Useful to Absolutely Insane

by John Boone 1:15 PM PST, December 22, 2015
Photo: Apple

So Kim Kardashian never broke the Internet. But she broke the App Store!

Or so she says, claiming her new line of emojis -- called Kimojis -- were in such high demand this morning that Apple couldn’t handle it. No surprise, seeing as it was personally endorsed by Kanye West himself. His review? “So dope.”

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Anyway, here are 17 of the best Kimojis, starting with the ones you’d actually probably use and counting down to the ones that are full-on bonkers.

17. "AF"

Photo: Apple

For those not hip to the kid’s slang, “AF” stands for “as f**k.” As in, “Those tacos look delicious AF.” (More on those tacos in a moment.) We would use this Kimoji...perhaps to an annoying degree.

16. Condom

Photo: Apple

Why is this not in the regular emoji pack? Safe sex is IMPORTANT.

15. Bible

Photo: Apple

We appreciate that the bible is right next to the gay pride flag, too.

14. Two Tacos

Photo: Apple

We only recently got the taco emoji -- finally! -- but bless Kim K. for knowing that one taco is never enough. You always need at least two tacos.

13. Two Jugs of Milk

Photo: Apple

Get it? It’s like how you use the eggplant emoji as a penis, except this is even less subtle?

12. Fish Taco

Photo: Apple

We’re guessing this one isn’t food-related either.

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11. Kim's Ugly Crying

Photo: Apple

Because the little yellow crying face sometimes isn’t sad enough.

10. Trash Bags

Photo: Apple

Not sure why Kim wanted this Kimoji included, or what she planned to use it for, but it could prove helpful for chore-related texts. Or when you want to call your hater a garbage person.

9. Kim's Butt

Photo: Apple

Did we mention the Kimojis aren’t exactly subtle?

8. Jesus

Photo: Apple

Not to be confused with the gold charm with Jesus in a crown of thorns.

7. Censored Boobs

Photo: Apple

You have to be real confident in your sext game to include one of these.

6. Gang Signs

Photo: Apple


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5. Tyrannosaurus rex

Photo: Apple

At what point in the Kimoji development process was Kim like, “Oh, and we need a dinosaur head, too”?

4. Shower Sex

Photo: Apple


3. Panty Dropper

Photo: Apple


2. Peaches and Cream

Photo: Apple

Not to sound like a prude, but this Kimoji is disgusting. Do not send it to anyone.

1. Pregnant Kim Kardashian

Photo: Apple

When would ANYONE that isn’t Kim Kardashian use this?

Now, continue the deep dive into the weird world of Kimojis in the below video: