EXCLUSIVE: Did 'Bachelor' Ben Higgins Secretly Make Out With a Contestant on Premiere Night? Ben Tells All!

The Bachelor drama didn't take long to set in this season!
After telling ET before the show started that he wanted to hold off on the physical stuff, and reiterating that during the premiere, Ben Higgins was caught locking lips with Mandi (who came out of the limo with a giant rose on her head, by the way) in a shot that didn't make air.
So, what's the deal? Well... Ben explained to ET that the lip-lock wasn't nearly as romantic as it looked, even categorizing it as more of a "peck."
"As you can tell, I still have the bib on, my mouth is closed," the 26-year-old explained. "This looks a lot more aggressive and intimate than it really was."
Ben believes that this is ultimately why the steamy-looking smooch didn't make air.
"I’m sure it just wasn’t very meaningful to the whole story of our relationship, so it wasn’t there," he explained.
"The physical part does come -- I’m not saying that’s not there," he added. "I just really wanted to push on night one to keep that maybe not an option."
As for the decision to keep Mandi around -- Ben talked about that too.
"Mandi’s very intriguing – she’s somebody I wanted to get to know," he said. "There’s no encouragement [by the show] – it’s kind of my experience and my journey, and I’m not going to say I don’t make mistakes along the way. I do."
"There are maybe things I would’ve done differently if I’d had more information," Ben admitted. "But watching last night and seeing how this whole story unfolds, I’m glad I’m walking into next week with the women that I kept on night one."
Us too, Ben! Let's just see how this thing shakes out.
Watch the video below to see the cutest, craziest and most cringeworthy Bachelor limo exits.