Idina Menzel Totally Loved Channing Tatum's 'Frozen' Lip Sync: 'I Got Chills!'

Channing Tatum brought down the house with a surprise Beyonce cameo on Thursday’s premiere of Lip Sync Battle, but Queen Bey wasn’t the only diva showing her support for the actor as he went head-to-head with wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum.
The Hateful Eight star performed a truly epic rendition of “Let It Go” from Frozen for his first lip sync, and Queen Elsa herself, Idina Menzel, tweeted her approval of the performance after the show aired.
“I got chills!” wrote the Broadway star, who tweeted earlier that she’d be DVR-ing the performance. “And not because I'm an ice queen. You made me proud.”
Channing confessed that he was nervous about taking on the song, tweeting “no pressure” in response to Menzel earlier in the day.
After the performance, the Magic Mike star admitted that he may have had ulterior motives in making his song selection. Apparently, his 2-year-old daughter Everly is totally obsessed with the 2013 animated Disney film.
“[I’m] trying to ruin the movie for her, so we never have to watch it again,” he joked.
Not sure that tactic will work, but at least Everly will be thrilled to know that Queen Elsa approves!