Behold, the 16 Most GIFable Moments to Ever Happen at the Golden Globes

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It’s almost time for everyone’s favorite award show!
No, not the Academy Awards -- that's the most prestigious award show of the year -- the best, hands down, is the Golden Globes. And we have a feeling this year’s show, airing this Sunday on NBC, won’t disappoint. (Well, assuming El Nino doesn’t ruin the whole thing.)
Now, we have more exciting news: ET is teaming up with GIPHY to bring you exclusive GIF'd moments from the red carpet -- and you'll be able to follow along here! Before we are #blessed with a new batch, let’s look back on the most GIFable moments of Golden Globes past.
1. When Benedict Cumberbatch photobombed Meryl Streep and a leader from North Korea taking a picture with Movies Wow! magazine:
2. When Jennifer Lawrence beat Meryl Streep and said it:
(Calm down, sheeple. It’s a quote from The First Wives Club.)
3. When we realized Jennifer Lawrence in 30 years is Emma Thompson:
4. When Amal Clooney was only barely amused at her husband’s silly office party:
5. And when Frances McDormand wasn’t amused at all:
6. When Gina Rodriguez’s tearful acceptance speech made everyone cry:
7.When Chrissy Teigen forgot how to express human emotion:
She’s, um, crying? We think?
8. And Taylor Swift wasn’t able to contain her human emotions:
9. When Glenn Close got Glenn Close-level drunk:
10. And when Brendan Fraser learned how to clap:
Kind of.
11. When the rightful hosts of the 2016 Globes presented themselves:
12. When Emma Stone had eyes:
13. When Meryl was all, “That’s all.”
14. The sheer joy of Adele:
15. When we probably could have -- and certainly should have -- predicted that Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin were going to consciously uncouple:
16. And when Julia Louis-Dreyfus was feeling herself:
The ultimate GIF to send to someone not worthy of your time.
Before the big night, let’s break it down by the numbers -- including thousands of celebrities, 40 chefs, and 1,500 bottles of Moet: