Kim Kardashian Made Her BFF Carry Her Pee Around Which Is Really Stretching the Definition of Friendship

Jonathan Cheban deserves a medal or something.
A clip from the newest Keeping Up With the Kardashians finds pregnant Kim giving her BFF one of the most bizarre requests ever.
"Because I've had pregnancy is issues in the past, I need something dropped off at a lab," says Kim, referring to a urine sample. "Jonathan's my best friend, and I don't know who else I would even ask to do this."
Despite Jonathan's plea, "Don't give me the details," Kim bluntly says, "I need to pee in a cup, and I just need it dropped off to the doctor."
"You want me to go walk around with your piss?" asks Kim's baffled friend.
"Let me just pee, and I'll conceal it and see if you even feel the warmth," suggests Kim.
"There better be no warmth," says Jonathan.
Sure enough, Jonathan agrees to the task and hopefully has now earned recognition as the best BFF in all of eternity.
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