'General Hospital' Star Genie Francis Opens Up About Lifelong Weight Struggle: 'I've Finally Conquered My Diet

General Hospital star Genie Francis is confidently rocking skinny jeans and celebrating her dieting success after a lifelong battle with her weight.
“I’ve finally conquered my dieting demons!” the Nutrisystem ambassador announced on Monday.
Francis revealed that, at 14 years old, her iconic GH character, Laura Spencer, was put on a diet as part of a storyline on the soap opera, which started her on a pattern with unhealthy “starvation” weight loss routines.
“It was very hard for me as a very young girl to be put on a diet on TV. It made me very insecure. That’s how my body image began,” she revealed a the new video for the weight-loss company. “I’ve been on every diet there is, every fad, crazy diet. I’ve been in pain and about my body and my weight all my life.”
Francis returned to the long-running soap in 2015 to reprise her role, serving a key part in the exit storyline of her former love, Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary). She credits Nutrisystem -- which has also been used by celebs like Marie Osmond and Melissa Joan Hart -- for helping her reach her weight-loss goals and regain her confidence without “suffering or starving.”
“The best thing about the program is that I'm more at peace with food than I have ever been in my lifetime,” she said. “I am feeling more like my old self. I have more confidence, don't dread getting dressed or being on camera and have much more energy!”