Ronda Rousey Flips Over Beck Bennett Like It's Nothing in 'Saturday Night Live' Promos

You are braaaave, Beck Bennett.
UFC fighting all-star Ronda Rousey hosts Saturday Night Live this week, which is why Bennett took the chance to ask Ronda to try his "Noggin Lock" wrestling move in hilarious new promos.
As you can probably guess, the SNL cast member was entirely over-matched, and swiftly gets flipped onto the floor.
We have to give it to the guy, however. He pops right back up, and even causes the ultimate fighter to crack up when he excitedly runs to tell "mom and dad" about her "awesome" moves.
Meanwhile, the 28-year-old athlete's 2016 is already shaping up to be big. In addition to hosting SNL, Rousey posed in body paint for Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit issue.
Watch the video below.