7 Reasons Luke Hemsworth Is Maybe the Chillest Hemsworth Brother

Have we been fawning over the wrong Hemsworth?
While Chris and Liam have plenty of adoring fans and several big time film roles to their name, it's important not to forget about their 35-year-old brother, Luke.
The Neighbours star has a devastatingly impressive Instagram game that has us thinking he may just be the chillest of the Hemsworths (Why is that important? That's a very good question that we will not attempt to answer.) Here are 7 reasons why.
1. He's got the patented Hemsworth physique.

2. He's SUPER into wildlife.
3. He loves his family....
Including his brothers....
And ADORES his wife.
4. He loves outdoor activities like surfing...
And motocross. https://www.instagram.com/p/xiXoNGH2mD/
5. He also, however, likes to dress up.
6. He's super into Star Wars like we are.
7. Last, but not least, he showed the world this.

You're the best, Luke! You miiiight be our favorite Hemsworth now.
Watch the video below to see Chris' unbelievable biceps.