Tyga Steps Out With Kylie Jenner Lookalike -- Find Out Who the Mystery Woman Is

Does Kylie Jenner have a secret twin we didn't know about?
The reality star's on-and-off boyfriend Tyga was spotted out with a mystery person who bares striking resemblance to the rappers maybe-kinda-always-in-limbo girlfriend.
The person Tyga was spotted with appears to be Instagram model, Val Mercado. ET confirms she is 23-years-old, and hails from a middle class neighborhood in Queens, New York.

In December, Tyga and Val were both in Paris at the same time, and even posted Eiffel Tower Instagram photos on the same day.

But the main thing we can't get over is how much she looks like Kylie!

Even setting aside their similar appearances, it's hard to miss the stylistic similarities between Kylie and Tyga's friend. While the 18-year-old has been back to dark hair of late, the light experimental tones matched with the light-colored/ off-white monochromatic wardrobe definitely hearkens back to a look Kylie was trying around last summer.

Earlier this month, Tyga was spotted out with Kylie, despite their relationship being plagued by cheating rumors.
Watch the video below.