Eva Longoria and Singer Lara Fabian Pose as Lesbian Couple to Share a Message of Love

Eva Longoria is spreading the love with a single photograph.
The 40-year-old actress agreed to be the subject of one of French photographer Olivier Ciappa's pieces that features her in an intimate moment with singer Lara Fabian. For his photography project, Ciappa shot several straight actors, artists and athletes -- including Sicario director Denis Villenueve and Dallas Buyers Club director Jean-Marc Vallee -- as "imaginary" gay couples. On his website, he calls the photographs a message of "peace and unity."
"Homophobia is the first symptom of a widespread ignorance of homosexuality, a distorted vision, sometimes fantasy," the photographer explains. "So I wanted the viewer to confront the sweetness, the simplicity of these images in order to change her look, sweep its representations and keep only the essentials: love, nothing but love."
Ciappa hopes these images will bring people closer together. "To me, the glue that holds this multiple gasoline entity of a people has a name: love," he continues. "And he, alone, I want to celebrate. The love is doing all members of such couples. The love, I hope you will feel your turn by putting your eyes on them."
Meanwhile, Longoria has a real-life love story. The former Desperate Housewives star recently got engaged to Mexican businessman Jose Antonio Baston in December, and gushed to ET about her romantic proposal in Dubai.
"I cried with laughter," she recalled. "I was laughing so hard and then it turned into a cry. ... I don't know, I laugh when I get nervous. It was a lot of fun."
Here's more of Longoria's engagement story: