Lena Headey Deserves a Rose for Reading 'Bachelor' Insults as Cersei Lannister

Jimmy Kimmel Live
The women of The Bachelorare no match for Cersei Lannister.
During Monday's Jimmy Kimmel Live, Lena Headey read aloud a few insults from the ABC show in the voice of her Game of Thrones character -- and it was amazing. Let's just say, you don't want to go up against the queen in a final rose ceremony.
"I don't think there's one girl here who's competition," Headey recited as she sipped from her royal goblet. "I think I'm way prettier than everyone else."
"Let's be honest, everyone's a f**king virgin," she continued, without breaking character.
Another TV star that's all about The Bachelor is Kaley Cuoco, and ET spoke with the Big Bang Theory actress' sister, Briana Cuoco, about their obsession with the show. "All we're doing, really, is watching The Bachelor," she quipped. "It's consuming our lives."
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