Kylie Jenner Totally Has a Giant Mural of Her Own Face in Her Mansion

Kylie Jenner purchased her $2.7 million mansion before she even turned 18, so we shouldn’t be surprised that one of the rooms features a giant mural of her face, right?
Kylie revealed the work in progress on her Snapchat account on Monday, sharing a pic of the unnamed artist at work and a video revealing the mural -- which spans almost an entire wall -- in further detail.

That’s not the only questionable decor in Kylie’s house, however. In a video tour of her new pad back in October, Kylie revealed that she had Tyga’s mugshot framed on bookshelf.
Photo: Kylie Jenner
No word on whether or not the picture’s still up, given the pair’s rocky on-again, off-again relationship, but at least Kylie still has one familiar face on the walls!