Kanye West Fires Back at Amber Rose's NSFW Diss: 'I'm Not Into That Kind of S***'

Kanye West isn't quite done with his Twitter meltdown.
After deleting his Twitter rant against Wiz Khalifa on Wednesday, Kanye decided that it was now time to defend himself against some NSFW claims made by his ex, Amber Rose.
During Kanye's original (and epic) Twitter tailspin, Amber shared some particularly personal details about the Yeezus rapper's sexual proclivities.
After not responding for over 36 hours, Kanye drew attention to Amber’s tweet all over again late Thursday night by assuring his Twitter followers in his own NSFW comeback that he doesn't, in fact, like that particular type of erotic encounter.
"Exes can be mad but just know I never let them play with my a**," Kanye stressed. "I don’t do that… I stay away from that area all together."
In case his fans didn't believe him, Kanye made sure to reiterate his position in a second tweet.
"I'm not into that kind of s**t… I like pictures and videos," Kanye shared. "Me and my wife got the kind of love that can turn exes into best friends."
While that might not make any sense, it's clear that Kanye wants to make sure absolutely everyone understands that he doesn’t let anyone touch his butt. Ever.
Thanks, Kanye. Good to know.
For more on Kanye's mind-blowing meltdown, check out the video below.